a wonderfull place to visit

Kemal Stone House Hotel

a wonderful place to stay


a wonderful place to visit

Kemal Stone House Hotel

Kemal Stone House Hotel located in Cappadocia Uçhisar, we are pleased to offer our guests 15 rooms very well decorated in Turkish style.

We have standart rooms,triple rooms and master panoramic suite for you to have a wonderful stay in Cappadocia with us.

Cappadocia is a unique cultural,religious, and natural touristic  place.

Uçhisar Castle is positioned on the highest geographical point in Cappadocia, just a few steps from our hotel. Our fantastic location provides each morning around 100 beautifully colored hot air balloons fly over and close by,which affords  one of the best places to whatch this daily breathtaking experience.

History and art have integrated beautifully in Cappadocia. The geography of the area formed the disticntive fairy chimneys,and over the course of the time people created houses and churches out of these, decorating them with frescoes that today allow visitors glimpses of the remains of  distant civilizations. İndeed, these carvings and frescoes by the first christians, together with their refuge of underground cities, showcase the harmony of humans and nature.

Interesting informations, as follows:

  • Göreme open air  Museum was announced as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • The largest number of stone churches decorated with frescoes is found in Cappadocia.
  • 3 of the founders of the Christian Church,St Basil,St. Gregory from Nazianus. And St. Gregory from Nyssa were from Cappadocia.
  • Cappadocia’s underground  cities,of which there are 30 known, provided refuge for 100,000  people.

Shuttle Transfer to our hotel

We are located 40 kilometers from Nevshehir Airport and 80 kilometers from Kayseri Airport.

We can arrange  the shuttle service, with convenient prices, depending on which Airport you arrive in Cappadocia.



Standart Double or Twin Suites

A very confortable bed, wonderful linen and towels with premium amenities. We also offer Tea, Nescafe and 2 bottles of water,as complimentary. You can choose a double bed or twin beds, ideal suite for your stay.

Panoramic Suites

These Suite is located on our top floor with air conditioner, with a balcony with a wonderful view to the Castle of Uçhisar. This suite is perfect for a honeymoon. With a luxury Turkish decoration they are also large and most recommend for couples.

triple Suites

This suite is has the same shape of our standard Suite, you can choose a double bed plus a twin bed or 3 twin beds.

Kemal Stone House Hotel

Located in Uchisar, Cappadocia, 15-room Kemal Stone House is 250m to Uchisar Castle, 40 km to Nevsehir (Cappadocia) Airport and 50 km to Kayseri (Erkilet) Airport

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